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What You Should Do With Her!

sex profilesThree “C” Rule.

© Lev Dolgachov, Vadim Sova (well-known writers). Combined competent experience on creating the necessary prerequisites and conditions for seducing the best girls in the world.

Hello, buddy! We are pleased that you are reading this and we are sure that this composition will reveal all important and helpful stuff which will make you a hit with women and teach you to get a kick out of the process. 


What on the whole has become the reason for writing this text? There is a mistake constantly repeated with time by all classical pick-up adherents. It consists in the following: people get sick of reiterating the same scenario in different variations. They get fed up with it, it ceases being an exciting art and a pick-upper comes to rather a disputable conclusion that most women are very much alike so, there’s obviously no reason in changing one for another knowing in advance what would come of it. We would like to simplify the process, make it more variable, exciting and elegant opening for you new sides of women’s beautiful and diversified nature. Is it possible? It is!

Let us recall what a classical pick-up is based upon. The scheme is as follows: meeting a girl, breaking the stamp, getting her phone number, a few days pause, first date – making her go crazy about you, date – kiss, (date), date – sex, then keeping her as long as you need her. Yes, all this sounds real tough and some time ago such a scheme seemed to be very speedy and optimized to the maximum. But here we see a very grave discrepancy of intentions and actions: a good-looking young man, the girl likes him Ok, we wants her right now and at this point he realizes that if he wants to get her for sure he must act according to the scheme and all its points which had been tested and proved. But somehow he doesn’t feel like doing it.

What do we have here? A retired mythical guru. He knows everything, he is good at it but he doesn’t want anything. Why? It’s simple – he is uninterested. Another question arises – why is he uninterested? There goes another answer – he lost his congruence. He used to be interested in scheme pick-upping – now he ran out of gas and he just considers it inappropriate and harmful to exceed its limits. And if at first he used to be looking for “the one and only” woman and was going through each affair as through a romance, it’s been quite a long time that he just wants that girl here and now, she turns him on and he realizes that he doesn’t want her for some abstract “relationship” but just for a good mutually-pleasant sex, which could be repeated again and again making their meetings more interesting, exciting, light and pleasant. But for some reason he has to behave as if he is giving her hope for a “relationship”. Thus instead of just devoting himself to making love to a beauty, first of all he has to screw her brain. Is it right? No, it isn’t. Is it good? No, it’s not! Is it fare toward a good girl? It isn’t, gentlemen. Finally he just gets out of liking what he does.

Is it curable? Easily! If you already feel like a lady-killer what prevents you from becoming such? A much greater number of women would prefer a wolf that used to be a cub, which in its turn pretended to be a sheep and managed to master all the necessary skills and gain experience in that capacity, than a wolf that’s covering himself shyly or lazily with a shabby sheep’s clothing patched up in eighteen places. A congruent wolf is obviously much more attractive than an incongruent wolf-cub or, if you like, a sheep he is turning into because of this incongruity. If you want to be a lady-killer, be it! As you sow you shall mow. As is seen at this approach, the girls are ready to give you all you need and I’m not talking about some mysterious free whores but about exactly the girls you used to take for a walk to the parks and cafes, twisting their heads with your first kiss among autumn leaves, making their hearts beat faster, getting high up to the sky and making them as happy as you are. Was it easy for you to imagine that this very innocent flower having put on her beret would have looked at you not timidly and shyly but with a true sexual aggression? This is real, you just have to set in tune with the girl and follow the rules I and Vadim are going to tell you about.  This is as easy as all works of genius. You used to have problems with getting acquainted, remember? Then the answer “just come up and get acquainted” to your question “how do I do it?” seemed a mockery and caused a scalding insult and a desire to learn and to become. How do you do it now? I think you just come up and get acquainted. Or I will take a risk and suppose that you are choosing among those nice girls who are surrounding you. The more you have, the more you get, this is an old truth but now your understanding of it is fuller, isn’t it? Do you know what I mean? The Little Red Riding Hoods are attracted to handsome wolves who like to play interesting games with girls and at the same time wolves are absolutely safe in everything but one thing – you can accidentally fall head over heels with them.

We are writing this to explain to you how you ought to do it.

Vadim Sova: No matter which words we would use to describe our conception of a real man’s behavior, no matter what our principles and our styles of communication are, no matter what we do, in any case we have desires. One of the most noble and right things to desire is having an opportunity to meet with the best girls. In the given research work Lev and I are going to analyze some elements of our own experience in seducing girls, we will examine the basic success maxims and offer you possible variants of successful strategies.

Lev: Now we are going to look though the basic points of the so-called “lady-killer” strategy, which we will need to meet with interesting, independent and self-confident girls who know exactly what they want from life and from us and who can let themselves be natural with us. I will tell you at once that this strategy doesn’t abolish anything we used to work with. All the good and helpful stuff we inherited from the classical pick-up school we have to preserve in ourselves to the full. It’s not about the radical change of your representations, it’s about a very useful broadening of your opportunities and means. So it’s not supposed to mean that you have to become a lady-killer everywhere you go and try to strike them dumb with your brashness.

Vadim Sova: There is a simple sign helping you to indicate that you are communicating and behaving correctly with people. This is your satisfaction from the process. Look at charismatic people, successful orators, good actors, TV-hosts, look at just men who are hits with women. The essential difference from other people – even those who are in the same business but less successful – lies in a great deal of SATISFACTION they get from what they are doing. They enjoy every word they utter, every episode of communication. They just love what they do.

Lev: That’s exactly the way we get a kick out of this remarkable co-authorship of two mighty Beer-drinkersJ. Ok, let’s go on: I would like to note that just like any art that claims to be elegant and somewhat courteous, the approach described below bears an imprint of non-seriousness and a good humor and it works on a 100% only when the process itself is important but not just a result. May be, the process here is even more significant because it takes away your fear of getting “a slap in the face” letting you enjoy every thing that you do, when from the very start your communication becomes erotically tinctured in a positive way turning into, figuratively speaking, a tantric practice where an orgasm would last for hours transforming the strategy itself into a beautiful and pleasant game. In this game everyone is a winner having multiple spiritual orgasms from the beginning of the communication, which being interrupted at any stage leaves a post-orgasmic taste in any case. And in this sense your satisfaction from a well-constructed phrase, a playful look, an exciting touch, a slight contact of your lips, caresses under your clothes, passionate kisses and a direct intercourse may be considered absolutely equal. The point here is in constant giving and getting even if it doesn’t end up with coition. So it’s not out of place to mention here that in all such cases a spiritual orgasm would actually be supplemented with the real mutual orgasm of the game participants where each of them obviously win.

Vadim Sova: Here my dear co-author has flown into a passion adding a certain element of eroticism to our exceptionally scientific research, which witnesses of his heat and a deep sense of humor. As we know these traits of a man’s character are very important at seducing women.

Lev: Well, before I turn myself on to a multiple orgasm, I’ll pass on to the clue cases which you should stick to within a strategy like this in order to be able to keep on meeting with interesting girls again and again. There are three aspects to be considered. Each of them is very important. Let’s call them “Three “C” Rule” for the sake of simplicity and elegancy. Here they are:

1.     Congruency

2.     Contraception

3.     Confidentiality

Vadim Sova: These are reasonable principles and they are really significant. If you follow them a woman will be relieved from most of the objective obstacles restraining her from intimacy with a man. I would call these factors more precisely: adequacy, safety and confidentiality. But since “Three “C” rule” sounds more solidly than some ASC or KGB or other letters then let it be “Three “C” rule”. The meaning is not changing of that.


The thing that is being discussed ever since the beginning of the article. It stands for the full accordance of the outward representation and your inner attitude. If right now inside yourself you are a wolf wanting to play the game called “juicy sex” with Little Red Riding Hood then you don’t behave like a granny with suspiciously large teeth – you behave like a wolf wanting to play the game “juicy sex” with your Little Red Riding Hood. Meaningly, the level of sexual aggression in your behavior is in congruence with the level that you have inside yourself. This is a full and implicit fulfillment of your desires. If during a conversation you feel like touching the woman’s leg – you do it beautifully. If you want to pet her waist or breast – you do it even more beautifully. You do all you want and it pleases you both.

Vadim Sova: You can touch the woman’s leg, of course. Especially, if you want it so badly. But first of all you have to care about making her want it, too. This is a primary man’s duty – making a woman feel good and happy. Also if you are doing whatever you want there is a sense in worrying about your own safety and the safety of the people surrounding you. I don’t mean cowardice but just a reasonable safety so that your actions wouldn’t cause a bad situation. I used to know a guy who having got smashed enjoyed drumming with his fist the cars parked in the street to make their alarm work. Perhaps, he did what he wanted to and if the girls were around at that moment they did pay attention to him... obviously trying to stop him. Yes, this is also a method to be noticed. But it’s quite an uncomfortable method for other people. A man’s aggressive actions may not only attract women’s attention but they may also dispose the other people against him. In its turn such a situation might spoil his reputation and alienate him from his male friends and the girls for whom, evidently, it was all done.

Lev: Yes, yes and yes again. This is a mega-important point which should always be borne in mind not only when you are meeting with women but all the time. Let me remind it to you once again – you do it cheerfully, with all your heart and with a good sense of humor. There is no such task as to “screw a chick”. You just want to have a good time with that particular girl, starting from, say, touching her leg. And when you want to touch it this should be not in the least important task for you than spending a night with her. And then you satisfy your want at once, incidentally, without focusing her attention on it or, on the contrary, concentrating on it for the sake of creating a stronger desire within her. It’s as if you are inviting her to play, fool around and tumble into bed. It’s very important that you arouse an erotic feeling in her, create a sexual atmosphere around you and we are not going to teach you this. If you can’t do it – leave this point alone for some time and move on to the following ones. Otherwise you will be punched instead. Don’t rush, your time will come. One of the prerequisites of a high-speed congruous success is a skill and desire to give rise to a sexual impulse in your partner in your unique way. We would like to remind you here that this article is firstly addressed to those who had gone through the “primary and secondary school” of seducing. And it can be regarded by the beginners as an educational manual giving the most general purposes to achieve the results we are discussing here. In this sense, taking the given text for a direct instruction for exploitation, especially in the parts where we write about “sex at once”, may have an effect similar to that of a man wishing to become a rope-walker who’s trying to walk along the fine fishing-line between two sky-scrapers. But the points about safety are supposed to be applied by anyone who is aspiring to effective communication with women and, generally, with all people.

Returning to congruence – on the whole, the concept of congruence in this case implies a full congruence and a full “letting you do whatever you want so that it pleases you both” with an obligatory maintenance of the rule Vadim mentioned about the safety of the people surrounding you. The things that are usually non-recommended and may bring you to negative results become admissible, appropriate and even useful here. For instance, the verbalization of “we are going to have an absolutely fantastic sex tonight!” starts working fine if it’s being said congruently as only congruence is able to give us a very powerful advantage in this strategy.


Many men dislike condoms. There are people who wouldn’t use them in principle, noting fairly that the sensitiveness is different, and they would only use them when the girl says “No, I’m afraid!” This is a harmful position for a pick-upper because except for the well-known reasons like AIDS, syphilis and other gonorrhea stuff, except for unwanted pregnancies there is one more very important point. I would say it’s the most important in the given case.

Vadim Sova: It’s very important that the person should be in harmony with himself. Some spheres of modern psychotherapy offer a certain technique of a man’s inner conflicts regulation by way of coordinating the intentions of some parts of his personality, like, the parts responsible for his job activity, satisfaction and safety. One can accept this approach or not, however, in any case it’s becoming obvious that successful pick-up strategies can be blocked by a man’s subconsciousness for the purpose of his own safety. Only for this reason the man wishing to be a successful pick-upper needs to learn to use condoms.

Lev: The main thing that condoms can give us in the sphere of quick seducing is a woman’s trust. In view of the approach we are examining here it’s quite obvious for the girl that this is the man who often gets in close contacts with different women. Thus he is as free as a bird. She would like to trust him but it’s a bit scary because of where and with whom he meets. So we are solving the problem of being trusted very easily if each time we are getting in contact of a certain sort we will wear a condom. Then the girl can see that we care about her health. She understands that with other girls we also wear condoms and she’s got nothing to worry about. Just like that, easily and banally one small rubber thing can help you to acquire trust and good attitude. This is an important instrument that we have to use.

Vadim Sova: That’s right. In addition to this, because we are not so much speaking about sex as about seducing, I suggest that you should not only wear a condom but also let the girl know beforehand about it. No, you are of course not supposed to say at your first meeting: “My name is Bevis. I will wear a condom.” But the best idea would be showing it accidentally in your purse when buying beer, for example. The girl will surely pretend that she hasn’t notice anything. But I bet she has. The masterly thing would be if she understands that it wasn’t your accidental action but it had all been done on purpose as if by accident without making her respond to this. Let her note for herself that you can be trusted. 

A special case is seducing girls for a group sex. In this case, informing them how you are going to protect them and yourself is to your advantage. If only men knew how many wonderful lust scenes they had deprived themselves of because of one thing – girls’ worries about the problem of protection! Suppose a guy and two girls met. The girls like him... They are risky and brave enough. They almost agree. But there is one “but”, one obstacle: “there can be a problem with protection”. That’s it, it won’t happen! (They can name different reasons but they will never confess that they are worried about the way one and the same cock will be entering her and her girl friend with the same condom on. It’s somewhat unsanitary! Dangerous. Sex is canceled.) It could have been different if the guy had told them a story about his girlfriend bringing her charming class-mate home with her and how they had been making love a trois because he had found a big package of condoms and sisters would change them every five minutes while they had been playing the game called “train”. I simplified the story the girls can be told as a means of confirming the safety of intimacy with you. I simplified it for you to be able to understand its principles and afterward you can choose your own words for such a story, making them milder and more appropriate for your own situation. 



“Long memory is more dangerous than syphilis, especially in a narrow circle.” © Grebenshchikov.

“The first rule they taught us at secret service was answering such questions “I don’t remember”. © Ronin

Are the epigraphs clear? We are talking about another sort of safety. Lately a buddy pestered me with the question why the girl he had talked into a photo session and then showed her photos to all his friends didn’t want to sleep with him. In spite of my explanations he didn’t come to understanding why it had happened so. And it so happened because he didn’t understand the fundamental role of confidentiality as the main key to one’s success. What’s prior to you – having fun with the best girls or trumpet at every corner about where, when and with whom you are doing it? If it’s the latter – you can start trumpeting without bothering yourself with having any fun according to the rule “neighbors say – you repeat” but then you will never get anything more than just talking. Why? It’s because you are getting dangerous for a girl. She will have to pay for being seen with you – her freedom, safety, reputation, family happiness – to get worries and trouble in return. But if you love people, if you love women you must stick to a clear-cut notion about “the secrecy of deposits”. Meeting with a girl is only about you and her and it has nothing to do with all other people. Whatever is happening between you two it should never be known to anyone else. And this is the aspect of great importance for the girls. It bothers them. And they expect some kind of verbalization about it from you. That’s why it’s very useful to let her know from the start that no one will find out anything about your relationship from you. You may say it straight. If she starts such a talk you should explain to her in a most convincing way that confidentiality is your second name. You certainly have to show it in practice and not just speak about it.

Vadim Sova: Every day millions and millions of sexual intercourses in the whole world don’t happen because a very important rule is misunderstood by most men. Poor enamored youths turned down by their class-mates; cut veins of thousands guys rejected by their girlfriends; unhappy business ladies crying for their loneliness – this is the cost of such misunderstanding! The rule is simple: COMPLETE SECRECY OF ANY INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP. For instance, no one will ever know from me the way I was making sweet love to Anna Kurnikova in different positions because I will never tell anyone about it. I’m talking about it now because it’s never happened. If it had happened, I’d never have told about it. The same is with your personal correspondence – you can never show even the fragments of the letters addressed to you personally. This is the most important rule which will surely turn against you if you break it.

What should you do when a girl asks you if you have somebody else? What if she asks you this? Any reply can work against you. If you say “no” then she might think you are some dork and the girls don’t want to date with you. That sucks. Besides, if you are that kind you might stick to her like a tick and then she won’t be able to get rid of you – you will be pestering her with your love crap and stuff. It might become an obstacle to make a closer acquaintance with her. If you say “yes, I do” these can be the last words you’d say to her. She might reply “I don’t want to share a man with someone else. You have a girlfriend, so date with her!” Or she might ask “Who is this unlucky one?” Any answer you give might work against you.

Then what should you do? I’ll tell you! The only possible way is to avoid the truth or make a joke of it. A friend of mine replies in such cases: “I meet with a lot of nice and smart girls and I never tell anyone anything about them. I won’t tell you either!” Another friend of mine answers the question “Do you have a girlfriend?” like this: “I don’t remember really. I’ve had four brain concussions. However I need only to enter a bar or walk down the street and the girls would run up to me and then I tell them: “Stand in the line, ladies!” Also one of the best variants to answer the question “Do you have a girlfriend?” is to look deep into the girl’s eyes, grab her tenderly by her ass and say: “Yeah, I think so! And a very pretty one and smart!”

Lev : Or, for example, say to her looking into her eyes and stroking her ass: “I will soon, if she wants it too. I wouldn’t mind it!” You got it, right?

So what do we get following “Three “C” rule”?

1. The girl knows that you are intended to spend a hell of a good time with her in bed, that you want her, you are not going to screw her brain because you prefer more suitable parts of her body, you are inviting her to join you and make this want a mutual one.

2. The girl knows that she’s not threatened with any kind of physical danger with you, be it an unwanted pregnancy or an unpleasant disease. On the contrary, she understands that you are healthy, that you care about her health and you do all to make her feel safe with you.

3. The girl knows that she is not threatened with any other kind of danger because she realizes that you can be trusted and she can do whatever she wants without worrying that someone will know about it. You are reliable, you are the source of pleasure, who can be fully trusted.


You are always fun to be with. She feels safe with you. You are the one who can make her feel good! Now tell me, what more can a girl want from a guy? We are not mentioning here that you are supposed to be a damn good lover or that you should be able to arouse her interest in yourself. I will repeat myself; this text is not for boy scouts, it is meant for the men who already know how to deal with girls and just want to understand the essential principles of the approach described above. The aspects discussed in the text together with adding a sexual and intimate tincture to the process of your communication will give you plenty of opportunities to spend a great time with the girl you are crazy about right after your first meeting. The phone numbers exchange usually takes place after sex if you both don’t mind getting to know each other better. There’s a great deal of benefits and bonuses here – starting from effective spending of your time resource, ending up with a pleasant innovation: the girls will bring their friends to meet with such a nice young man surprising you from time to time with such sweet little pranks like sex a trois or some other exciting stuff. Many good girls need such a reliable and safe “erotic friend” for an “easy relationship” with whom they could spend a night. We love them, such girls, don’t we? Yes, we do. We want to make them feel good, don’t we? Sure! Do we know how to do it? We not only know it but we are good at it! That’s what they love us for and that’s why they date with us!

Vadim Sova: All written above is just a small part of our experience on building comfortable and pleasant relationships with the world surrounding us, and especially relationships between a man and a woman. We are going to acquaint you with the basic points and the structure of such relationships that’s why we are waiting for your questions and letters.  


© Copyright 2002-2015

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