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Sex without Love

adult datingAssumptions:

1)     A woman and man’s communication consists of three components. Let’s call them sex, friendship and love.

2)     A relationship can be called harmonious and developing only in the presence of all three components. Thus an ideal variant would be a cocktail mixed up in different proportions. Each relationship has its own composition, quality and taste.


What’s “sex without love”? This is a relationship presuming some intimacy as its basis. The main component in the cocktail is sex, almost half of the mixture. But is it just sex? Have you ever happened to have sex with the woman you didn’t really like very much or the one you didn’t like at all? A 15 year old school-boy would say: “I like all women!” “How can it be?” – would ask an 18 year old girl. Well, honey, you should know for sure how it is “not to like very much”? It all depends. If it comes to the point when a woman starts getting undressed there’s no other way out. Slipping away in such a case would be equal to death because a woman never forgives this. That’s the way it happens. So, did you really like it? But you did have an orgasm, didn’t you? She wasn’t lying like a cold fish, she’d been doing all to help you! Your body relaxed as usual. So what was that you didn’t like about it? You lacked something, didn’t you? Yes, your body was satisfied. The woman was real enough, soft and warm. But something was missing... what can you say about it after all?

1) “That was disgusting! I wasted my time!” So there was no friendship. And there was no love. You would hardly get into a situation like that another time. By the way, our precious little friends sometimes let us skip the situation in a most unpleasant way. Due to your bad psychological state they can just become quiet and never respond to a call-sign... I wish I’d get away!

2) “Well, that was quite Ok... I did it!” There was no friendship. But there was love. Love for your-darling-self. Oh, you such a sexual giant, a real Casanova! Is the situation familiar? Why wasn’t there any friendship? You were people with different social statuses. You are a scientist, she is a weaver. You are a metal turner, she’s an artist. You had nothing to talk about. Different mentality, life purposes and values. You had a contact with an ET from the Moon. Pray the Lord that she gemmates. But what if she does not?! J

Let us leave these defective cases and suppose that you rather like the girl than dislike her.

3) “Wow, she’s so foxy! I was lucky to sleep with such a lady. We had a pretty good time together...” The wording “we” in the third phrase and the acknowledgement of the partner’s merits in the first witness of friendship and certain respect. Your behavior in bed must have been quite free and relaxed. You came to it on mutual agreement, you wanted to relax and you both were satisfied. But it was love for yourself – that’s what the second phrase reveals. Such a relationship is quite acceptable but you both are not completely satisfied and that’s too bad. It will last until one of you finds another partner who would love him more or would be more loved. Here she is! Alluring Breasts of Russian Brides

4) “That was something! She’s lovely! She’s tender, intelligent and attractive in all respects. Our last meeting was fantastic! I can’t wait to meet with her again.” There is friendship here (“we” and showing respect to her) and love (“she’s lovely!”). Love for a sweet clever and nice woman. What’s of that if she’s not the only one who is sweet clever and nice?! Would you want all the rest to be stupid, disgusting and ugly? Well, she wants to be the one and only for you – its women nature! But you can’t change the world because of that. Sorry, darling – this is life. Competition and natural selection are the laws of nature. Make your choice and enjoy it!


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