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Sex Secrets (Part 3)

sex datingOral sex.

The whole woman’s body may be her erogenous zone. So don’t forget to stroke it and pay attention to each part of it. I suggest that you should try a few things when you are having oral sex with her for the first time to find out what she likes most.

Here’s the list:

1. Start with KISSING her stomach downwards... to the inner parts of her thighs... anticipation, yeah.

2. Ask her “does it feel good?” Women usually like to be sure that it’s clean and tidy down THERE. She may get shy because she hasn’t taken a shower and so on. If this is the case you may ask her to take a shower together. If she’s confused ask her if she could join you in the shower afterwards.

3. Start kissing her softly. Kiss her and lick her slowly and with all your heart. Mumble something like “mmm” and let her think that you are enjoying the process.

4. You got two main instruments and two ways to apply them. Use your tongue for her clit and your fingers for her vagina.

5. Start with kissing and licking her there then insert one finger. If she likes it Ok ask her what she would say about two fingers. Go on slowly because most women need some time to relax and get used to the sensations. If you don’t know where to find her clit and “G” point read it in the books beforehand.

6. Mouth functions: lick up and down, lick each side, lick around her clit and suck it.

7. Finger(s) functions: slide in and out, stop, massage “G” point, quickly/slowly.

8. Try every mouth function until you find out what she prefers.

9. Try every fingers function until you find out what she prefers.

10. Combine it. As soon as you find the magic combination keep on doing it THE SAME WAY, at THE SAME SPEED and PRESSURE. Men like to increase speed and pressure; women prefer stability to reach the orgasm without any fuss.

If you fulfill this hard procedure she would probably want to respond with the same thing and work with her mouth to make you feel good. Do yourself a favor: tell her what you like and how you like it. But it shouldn’t be an expert’s tone as if you have done it a thousand times and now you are examining a good student. Say to her: “Ohhh... I really love when you do something and something...” or “It makes me hot when you...” The girls love to know about the things that turn you on. So tell her when she is doing it. Tell her how it is making you feel.


I think it’s a good idea if you watch her reaction to your touches and kisses and so on. Different girls like different things and sex is the scene where this distinction becomes more obvious. So... if she likes it when you bite her neck... and she pulls closer to you there is a chance that she would also like some more “tangible” things when it comes to sex.

So – caliber!

First you would want to make it slow. Insert just a tip of your pulsating pepper, cowboy. Then take it out. Then put the tip in. Take it out. Anticipation. Anticipation. Anticipation.

Repeat: “I can wait” a thousand times.

It may really help you to make her experience a fantastic orgasm... when she gets wet.

Every moment caliber what exactly turns her on and use it as often as you can while you are having sex.  

Here’s the list of some other ideas (did you notice how much I like lists?J):

1. Try variations: 9 small pushes and then a long and deep one. It will make her sigh convulsively when you enter her slowly and deeply.

2. Look into her eyes when you have sex. Enter the world of seduction … with pickup techniques!

3. Caress her, kiss her and stroke her and don’t forget all other parts of her body.

4. Now it’s high time to switch on to the mode “I haven’t had sex for the last 47 years and I’m gonna get it to the full now!” Become a wild male.

5. Find the combinations of the things she likes. She may enjoy when you kiss her at the same time when you... or pinch her nipples.

6. If you need to stop – stop. It’s natural if you interrupt it when you need to. It helps to create my favorite thing – anticipation. You don’t have to say: “I am gonna have an early ejaculation so I’ll make a small pause.” Just do it. Keep her in a pleasant delusion that you have such a control over the situation that you just stopped to kiss her. You can do the same thing when you feel that you are “fading away”. Make a pause, kiss her for some time... then go on.

7. The other technique consists in getting slow down (women like it) and imagining that you are in some other place to prevent an early ejaculation. Just imagine that you are swimming in the sea. You can hear the sound of waves, feel the water touching your body, feel the taste of salt. It will distract your mind to the degree when you can take control over it.

On the whole all mentioned above are the things you can do, the things she might like. If you watch her well you will also see what she likes most and at the same time try new things surprising her.

Other thoughts.

Fact: most women prefer a missionary or a rider position while men like doggy-style. Women say that they feel “less intimacy” in the doggy-style. So how do you make a woman feel satisfaction from the position you like and continuously picture in your mind? That’s a good question.

The answer is short: a smooth passage and attention. If you want to try doggy-style because you are crazy about her sexy butt and you want to have a look at it simply turning her on her stomach won’t be enough.

You need a smooth passage. How do you do it?

1. You are above and you want to pass on to doggy.

2. First lift her legs and enter her deep. There’s more of an animal feeling.

3. Then turn her legs to the side so that she would still lie on her back with her legs on the side.

4. Now lean over her and kiss her, pulling her legs to the side even more.

5. When you kiss her, lie down and pass on to “spoon-in-spoon” position with your pepper still inside her.

6. Hold her and kiss her on the nape of her neck letting her get used to this position.

7. Start with soft pushes again.

8. While doing this turn her on her stomach and go on.

9. Finally stop and pull her hips up to yours, lean over her to kiss her neck and lips... maintaining “intimacy” this way.

10. Then lean back and hold on! Voila! You did it!

The main thing when passing on to wonderful new positions is to do it SMOOTHLY. Later when she gets used to a new position you can do it faster. But at first you should do it the way it’s written above!

Thank you for your attention. I hope the information was helpful.



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