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Sex Secrets (Part 2)

sex datingAnticipations.

I believe anticipation and strained expectation are the strongest stimulus for women. They LOVE anticipating what is going to happen to them the next moment. They LOVE being surprised. They LOVE waiting fidgeting on their place. Here are some ways of utilization:

1. Say to her: “I have a surprise for you.” Then: “But I won’t show it to you now... maybe later.” A surprise may be anything, it may be a piece of chocolate and massage oil with melon odor which you have bought to massage her shoulders. It doesn’t matter. The point is in awakening her curiosity and making her want to know what kind of surprise it is.

2. Sneak up to her and close her eyes with your hands. Women LOVE when we close their eyes like this! Don’t ask why, just do it! Take a scarf (it’s better be a silk scarf) and cover her eyes with it. Remember other senses turn her up much more than her eye sight. Cutting off this perceptive channel you increase the influence of other senses.

3. If you do something that excites her – STOP it. Guys like it when they find the miraculous button which makes a girl hot and they KEEP ON PUSHING IT. Women prefer when a pleasant feeling suddenly disappears and they can soar in a wonderful state of foretaste.

Did you get it? Make up something special to create the anticipation state. Tell her a story where somebody experiences it. Tell her how you feel it. Tell her something. Just make her anticipate IT.

Stimulate her senses.

So how are you supposed to stimulate the rest of her four senses to turn her on? Oh, it’s a very important question.

1. Touch her very slowly and gently. Use the tips of your fingers. Caress her wrists, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet... everywhere. If you avoid her breasts, pussy and ass you will make her hot (remember anticipation? It will drive her crazy... “When is he gonna touch my tits?”

2. Kiss her sensually. Let the first kiss be very light... it’s almost the slightest touch of your lips. Then wait (anticipation). Kiss her a hundred times on her neck and shoulders. Suck her lips gently. Lick her slightly on her neck, shoulders and lips. Imagine you are eating ice-cream, just set yourself in the right mood. You will taste her and every time the taste will be different.

3. Treat her with small pieces of delicacies which are sexy by nature. Try strawberries, chocolate, champagne. You may also buy “Kamasutra” oil in a sex-shop.

4. Smell her. Smell her neck and shoulders during 5-10 minutes NON-STOP. No kisses. No licking. Just smell her these 5-10 minutes. Touch her shoulders and neck softly with your nose and lips smelling her. Say to her: “Mmmm, you smell so good. I will be smelling at you for some time.” You will like the way she reacts.

5. Talk to her sexually. Men like to hear “Make it harder, honey”... women prefer: “Your lips are so soft and sexy. I like to kiss your lower lip... I could kiss you all over for hours... it feels so good...” They like to listen to details, remember?

6. Tell her stories and describe to her everything you are going to do. If it turns her on just whisper in her ear the smallest details of what you are doing at the moment and what you are going to do. “You know what I’m gonna do now? I’ll kiss your shoulders softly and gently at first... then I’ll pass on to your sweet neck... smelling your sexy perfume... mmm... you smell sooo good... then I’ll give you a long kiss...” Got it? You should also tell her what drives you crazy about her, the same way, in detail. Use your soft slow deep voice.

Passing on to sex (the same as “erotic game”).

Guys often ask me questions: “How do I get what I want?” and “How do I make her really want to have sex with me?”

The answer is (I know it may sound paradoxically) you have to ACT AS IF YOU DON’T NEED IT. Your meta-message at the beginning: “I can do it and I can forget about it.” Afterwards, when everything will go the right way you will be able to drive her nuts as if it’s your last chance in your lifetime to have sex with a woman (and if you do it right you will have her as crazy as you need her to be).

So begin but then stop it. Start and slow down again. Do something exciting then cool down and start it once again. What? Did anybody say “anticipation”?

Yes. I think so.

To make her want to have sex with you, you have to create the feeling of anticipation and increase her desire at the same time. Add your meta-massage here: “It really makes me high but I don’t need it” – and you are beyond comparison. But you should keep this state. You may need 20 or 30 minutes of teasing and stuff but if you remain patient, son, you will get the biggest prize!

The basic signs of her excitation:

  1. She draws her thighs toward you.
  2. She takes off your clothes.
  3. She takes off her clothes.
  4. She saysIm hot”.
  5. She grabs you by your ballsJ.

If you keep her in a state like that long enough one of the signs mentioned above usually shows itself. And this is a hint for you to pass on to the next stage.

If you catch such a signal it’s high time for you to act like a real man and do something (can’t a guy be a son of a bitch now and then?)

I recommend the following succession:

1. Stroke her breasts (through her clothes).

2. Take her by her ass.

3. Lift her blouse a bit to uncover her abs and stroke it gently and slowly... stroke her back also. Remember what I told you about slow and soft motions.  

4. Slow down for a while. Create anticipation.

5. Now take off her blouse. Don’t grab her breasts at once! Don’t do it! Touch softly every naked part of her body (suppose she’s wearing a bra). Kiss her shoulders... and her back. Touch her over and over again.

6. If you still receive signals like “Oh, I’m losing my mind” stroke and kiss her breasts through her bra. If she responds eagerly, take it off and kiss everything your lips meet. But remember... do it slowly, gently... make pauses of anticipation.

7. The time has come for trousers/skirt/whatever she’s wearing. But first you should take off her shoes and/or her socks. Slowly and thoughtfully. Don’t behave as if you have spent the last five years of your life in prison and it’s your first time with the woman.

8. Now that her skirt got lost, keep on kissing, touching and caressing her tenderly... add some touches under her panties. Women usually like when we stroke them in such places. Slowly and thoughtfully.

9. At last put your hand between her legs. She may resist it (now or at some previous stages). If so, then stop it and get back to the state of anticipation. If you do it several times she will get so hot that she’d beg for continuation.

10. For some dumb individuals I’d like to emphasize “Stop it!” if she says “No” to you and pushes you away. Never make a girl do something. This is stupid, illegal and wrong.

That’s all about “passing on to”. Now you are ready for the real deed! Go to part 3 (continue)


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