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What to Talk with a Girl About 3

adult datingVB> People, help me! When I meet a girl shall I talk more about myself or ask questions about her life?

By your permission I’ll give you some advice. May I?J All the following is related to pick-up tactics during your first date.

1.     Tell her about yourself and ask her questions. If you see that she is not too talkative then you should talk more (but it doesn’t mean dwelling upon your precious persona for the whole evening). Silent pauses put you both in awkward position. 

2.     Telling her about your life try to avoid the following details: “Last time we hit a dozen of bottles with the guys and I had to spend about two days hugging the sink in my toilet!” or “All the 125 girls I left…” and the like. The stuff will do for the drunken company.

3.     Subconsciously the stories about your parents arouse her trust. There you can improvise a little (it’s not the same as lying!) and tell her about your Dad who “did parachute jumps and the damned equipment wouldn’t open”; or about your Mommy “who had saved the cat’s brood from the burning house”.

4.     Asking questions about the girl’s life is a delicate matter. For the beginning you could content yourself with innocent things like: “Where do you work/study?” “What’s your favorite pastime?” “What kind of music do you listen/movies do you watch?” If you see that the girl speaks with enthusiasm you may ask other questions. But just don’t go too far in your interviewing – no intimate or too personal questions – this isn’t an interrogation under torture.

Don’t forget that the girls enjoy being paid much attention. When you show genuine interest to her way of life, when you nod sympathetically if she’s about to open her heart to you, when you laugh if she makes a joke (even if it wasn’t a good one she shouldn’t know that… well, smile at least!) I daresay she already thinks that you are a good listener which is already quite a lot.

P.S: All aforesaid doesn’t claim to be ultimate truth. These are only my observations based on practical studies of male and female psychology in their first phase of acquaintance.


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