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What to Talk with a Girl About

sexy russian bridesWhat do I talk with her about? During your first date (and the following) awkward pauses in your dialogues are a usual occurrence. They can be filled with talking. Unfortunately, a frequently asked question arises “what kind of talking?” The answer will sound banal – any kind. The only limitation is that you have to know at least something about what you are talking about. Sometimes it’s quite complicated for there are as many interests as people. But you can spend some time learning something about the most wide-spread hobbies.

Literature is something that is being read and discussed afterwards. Even if the book was read in early childhood. If you can’t digest it all you can read “The masterpieces of World Classical Literature in summaries for midlevel schooling imbeciles”.

Science Fiction
Summary: things that could happen if. Most often met stuff: space ships, extraterrestrials, blusters, alien planets and more. Authors recommended: Robert Heinlein, Philip Farmer, Robert Sheckley, Ray Bredbery and so on.  

Summary: what if the creatures from fairy tales had existed together with (instead of) people: goblins, gnomes, elves and others. Authors recommended: pr. J.R.R. Tolkien, Pierce Anthony, Terry Prachett, Paul Anderson and so on.

Summary: different variations on the subject of Love-Dove-Above with various rhyming abilities. Authors recommended: William Shakespeare, Byron and so on.

Love novels
Summary: she’s a beautiful long-legged model; he’s a handsome brawny millionaire, the owner of oil plants, yachting centers and a newspaper tycoon. Or vice versa. Authors recommended: I know it’s disgusting but you have to: Harlequin series, the first 3-5 books you see.  

Detective stories
Summary: crime. Authors recommended: Agatha Christie, George Simenon, Dick Frances, James Hadley Chase and so on.

Adventure books
Summary: traveling, chasing, something captivating. Authors recommended: Jules Verne, Walter Scott, A. Dumas, Jack London and so on.

Summary: no matter how big is the banana its peel is still bigger. Authors recommended: Konfutsy, Nietzsche, Immanuel Kant, Voltaire etc.

Summary: what’s happening inside of a human being? Authors recommended: banal Freud, Carl Gustav Jung etc.

Esoteric books and other rot
Summary: Dao expressed in words is not a genuine Dao. Authors recommended: the first 5 books you happen to find. Especially recommended: Sun Tsi “No path for the f##ing spiritually enlightened!”

There are wild hundreds of kinds, sub-kinds and classifications in music. Metal in itself has about 18 styles which will seem the same mess to an unprepared listener. I agree that discussing the details in distinction between the Black-like Viking Metal and the late Swedish black metal is a rare treat with a true connoisseur. A newly pick-upped girl can hardly be called one unless she hadn’t been pick-upped at the concert Cradle of Filth. So I won’t be making the distinct classification, just a short overview of what you may come across. The collections would do for the better acquaintance with the style. Having bought a couple of dozen collections you will get a giant topic for discussion.

Classics. Without going deep into barocco thickets you have to know more than just the Mendelssohn’s march, Dogs’ Waltz and Tchaikovsky’s Four Seasons. Buy the classics collection for your education.

Jazz. Anything, starting from Armstrong.

Rock’n’roll. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry.

Rock: early rock – Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Credence Clearwater Revival, ELO, Pink Floyd, Dreadful Shadows, Queen.

Disco: Boney M, ABBA.

Metal: Yearning, Anathema, Darzamat, Lux Occulta, Iron Maiden.

Something for the soul: Black tape for a blue girl, Dead can dance, Aghast.

Pop music: Switch on your MTV channel and watch for 15 hours in a row. You will know the particulars better than DJ’s do.

Traditionally you go to the movies to feel the firmness of your girlfriend’s ass. But if the closest movie theater is too far from your present location, the beach, for instance, you can just talk about movies. The topics for discussion can be actors, film directors and films themselves. There’s nothing surprising if the movie topic turns into literature topic as the film-makers often make screen versions of good novels.

Horror films and thrillers
Something frightening and keeping you in constant strain during the whole movie. “Scream”, “Birds”, “The Road to Arlington”, “187”, “Silence of the Lambs”, “Seven”. You can also watch Stephen King’s screen versions but it’s not the same as when you read it. Alfred Hitchcock can be called the best in the genre.

Adventure and fantasy
It’s fun, energetic, the plot is secondary. “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”, “Back to the Future” and add your own preferences. Directors: George Lukas, Stephen Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis.

Anything making you cry. Starting from “Titanic” and ending up with a serious movie “Born on the 4th July”.

Actions and Detective stories
“Terminator 1-3”, “Leon”, all Bond films, “Mission Impossible” and so on.

They can be parodies to the current events or other movies or they can be just comedies. Leslie Nelson and Jim Carry can be especially mentioned here.

Directors’ films
This is a genre where director’s work is something outstanding. Undoubtedly, the leaders here are Tarkovsky’s films and some real good works by Oliver Stone and Spielberg.


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