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The Girls Who Like Us

dating sitesThere exist two kinds of getting acquainted which are different in principle:
variant A – you like the girl and she doesn’t feel for you yet.
Variant B – you both like each other. As a matter of fact, there’s the third
variant C – when the girl’s got a crush on you.

Naturally, here you don’t have to exert yourself. She either comes up to you herself and you are to decide what you both do next; or she does her best so that you’d come up to her and you either don’t pay attention to her attempts (poor girl!), or just don’t notice the signs dumbly (work at your attentiveness), or you notice, react adequately and come up to her – so with her efforts variant C slowly or quickly turns into variant B. Correspondingly, this type of primary interaction appears to be just a prelude to the variant with the mutual liking on condition that this liking arises in you as well, of course. If you feel no interest, then we don’t take this variant into consideration at all.

Ok, let’s dwell upon the first variant of possible acquaintance. You see the girl you really like – you want to get to know her better. She either doesn’t see you yet, or she does but she doesn’t take you for a sexual object. If she doesn’t see you, try and show yourself to her before the direct interaction takes place. It’s highly probable that she takes an interest in you (because you are a macho man, aren’t you?J) and then you can easily proceed to plan B.

How do you show yourself? There’s definitely no need in yelling something to your friend, belching deafeningly or flopping into the nearest puddle. There’s an old well-proved way – a straight look into her eyes with a smile. Not an idiotic grin although such a variant can also work sometimes, but with a calm friendly smile meant to show your feelings for her. Try to catch her look and hold it for a couple of seconds. Show your interest to her and watch her reaction calmly. You can also perform something extraordinary, heroic or unusual to attract her attention if the situation gives you such an opportunity. But just don’t pose yourself as a superman and don’t show off. It’s got to be simple and natural as if by accident.

Believe me you will be appreciated without much fuss. And if you do it right and see a true interest in her eyes go straight to plan B. If it’s impossible for some reason to make the girl notice you before you come up to her or if she did see you but doesn’t show any interest to you anyway then there’s only one way left – to keep on following plan A. Plan A consists in breaking all stamps, making up wild improvisations, inventing some requests or questions which could draw her attention to you, arouse her interest so that you could reach your goal in the end and set a date and get her telephone number. You know how to do it pretty well yourself. There’s plenty of stuff written on this and I’m not going to add something else. Now we are more interested in variant B.

What does one of our most often made mistakes consist in? It’s in not identifying the variant B at the right time keeping on going dully along the long meandering road instead of the short and straight one. We don’t understand the simplest thing – when we deal with the situation when “we both like each other”, practically, it comes to “madam, why don’t we sleep together?”

All you need is to have the guts to take the girl by her hand and bring her to bed by the shortest route. This route can take five minutes or a couple of dates but it will be easy and plain if you don’t overdo. For one simple reason – you don’t need to rack your brain trying to find the way to make an impression on her. She’s already impressed. You just need not to spoil the impression and understand opportunely that it’s high time for you to go to bunk! Till this moment be yourself. The way she likes you most.

And don’t make wild guesses whether she “loves me or not”. She likes you already. Take it a priori and never hesitate until you feel that something goes wrong. And if you run against this variant – don’t invent anything supernatural. The whole process of getting acquainted comes to: “Hi! What’s up? What’s your name? Why don’t we have coffee somewhere?” or “Hi! What’s up? What’s your name? Give me your telephone number, I’ll call you.” A recent example: at one of the computer seminars today I see a nice girl. She looks at me. During the break we have the following talk:

-        You work for which company?

-        For such-and-such.

-        Hmm. Never heard of it. Do you have a visit card with you?

-        Oh, no, not really. Left it at home.

-        Tell me your phone number. By the way, what’s your name?

-        Maria. Write it. (she dictates her number)

-        What if I call you sometime and ask you to have coffee with me?

-        Sure, if not on my workday.

I smile, pass my visit card to her, say bye and leave. That’s it! According to variant A you’d have to play the fool to attract her attention with the final object of getting her phone number. In this case she already likes you and you may freely start from the end. None of you needs the explanations why and for what reason she would have coffee with you or you would call her. You both want it and you don’t want any excuses for that. If it happens so that she would wish to have an excuse, the best variant would be to suggest something like “watching the sunset” or “helping old-ladies to cross the street”.

Don’t be confused and don’t make up anything complicated – she just needs some decent pretext in the eyes of the social morals. Smile again, fabricate some nice little stupid thing and everything will be just fine. And you shouldn’t say to her “let’s make love” or, especially, “why don’t we f..k?” In such cases her feelings would be deeply wounded. You both know that ideally you will make love, each in his/her sense of the words, but it needn’t be verbalized. Well, sometimes you CAN do it but I can’t imagine the situation when you NEED to do it.

Why am I writing this? It’s because we don’t notice variant B too often or we are afraid that it’s not what we think – this may cause diffidence and other bugs in your head. Here’s the recipe – if you seem to come across the mutual liking variant, stop hesitating whether you get it right or not. Just know that this is the variant! Even if you are mistaken (and making a mistake here is more difficult than you think) you got nothing to lose. In any case you start the talk. You ain’t mistaken – great! You are – well, you are and then what? I say everybody wants to be tough and know how to do the following: come up to the girl, take her by her hand and lead her straight to bed. Not everyone believes that it’s possible.

And when somebody says that he does it every now and then you take it for a tale. So all you need to become a hero in such absolutely truthful tales is to learn to take what you are given without making a fuss about it. Yes, you can do so that in just a few dates the girl feels true interest in you which at the third-fourth date will bring her straight under you blanket. So if we see that something that was supposed to happen during the first couple of dates already happened of itself you can easily come at once or almost at once to bed scenes.

If the girl happens to be attractive not only by her appearances you’ll have enough of time to get to know her better as a person; if not – well, then she’s got bad luck. But if you see that she’s ready to give you what you want don’t follow the standard route wasting your time and efforts in vain. Take what you are given and don’t ask why it’s given to you. In most cases she gives it to you for what you are. Take it until it’s taken by somebody else. Imagine the situation: there’s a bed before you with the girl lying on it burning with impatience and you stand at the bed and start telling her during the next two hours about how happy she would be when you make love to her.

It’s more likely that in some time the girl changes her mind, gets dressed, spits at the threshold and leaves for good. Variant B is about the same thing. Once you come up to her the clock starts ticking and you have to get all you need in a much shorter period of time than at A scheme. All the beginners’ problems come from here. The time given for converting a relationship into horizontal position has a specific quality – it’s limited. Just like trying to lay in bed the girl who’s slightly interested in you during your second date may frighten her off; you can spoil the situation with the firm mutual liking if you don’t make an attempt to get the girl in bed with you during the first three dates. Her first interest in you goes out and you will hardly get anything. 


1.     The higher is her interest in you the less excuse you need to make an acquaintance with her. More than that, you don’t need it at all.

2.     Having made such an acquaintance not only you CAN but you MUST lay her in bed at maximum your second-third date. The time works AGAINST YOU here and you have to bear it mind.

3.     As usual, NEVER STOP!


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