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Templates in our Life

datingAK> In such a business all templates sucks by definition!

Well, judging by intonation youthful ardour is at its height. You will be unpleasantly surprised to know that the stamps and templates are being applied almost everywhere in our life. Not only in pick-up business. Itís quite another matter if the stamps are invented by you or borrowed from somebody ingenious. But in the long run it doesnít matter that much.

Generally, what can be called a template? For instance, some standard reaction to a definite situation. When the situation is new for you, you stop. Then you find a genuine way out of it. Next time it goes more smoothly. Then you polish up your skills. In the end when you come across the same situation again you react the best possible way (from your point of view). Then the time comes for sharing your experience with the beginner. You can ease his life excluding a few stages of getting bumps on his way.

You say acting without templates? Ok, letís examine the subject at the example: a public transport stop. You see an attractive girl. Further events may develop according to several scenarios. For instance, you ask her if it is far to get where sheís going and suggest that you walk and so on. Your behavior would be changing with the situation correspondingly. But you can avoid any stamps and do something extraordinary:

- F##!!!.. It was real cool when I smashed CyberDemon today with my BFG in deathmatch! With all his dudes! They plasma-gunned him and then I crash in and BANG!! BANG!!

The results leave much to be desired.

When we speak of improvisation we usually imply two things:

  1. quick wits
  2. experience

Experience is nothing else but the set of certain skills. You know the situation, you know the actions to be undertaken Ė you know the result. You canít wish any better. Using your quick wittedness you find the situation close to the given one, make a necessary approximation (taking into the account the peculiarities and the results of the previous similar cases) and go forward!

The ready-made template, especially if it had been tested already, on the one hand, represents in itself your experience and, on the other, the use of your improvisation skills and intellectual faculties particularly if it had been made up straight off. The best template is a local optimum.

The conclusion: donít argue with global truths.

PS: All written above doesnít claim to be scientifically precise.


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